Top of the Morning, Sept. 19, 2016

On Mondays, our award-winning photographers tell their stories. This week: Robin Scholz

When I walked into Darren Woller's stable in August, I was overcome with a feeling that I hadn't experienced in years, a blast from the past that almost took my breath away. 

Photo by: Robin Scholz/The News-Gazette

Something about that stable — at that particular moment in time — felt like home. Maybe it was a combination of the heat, lighting, smell of horses and hay, and the clanging of farriers at work. I

don’t really know, but it was the same warm-to-your-toes feeling I used to get when, as a young girl I would spend every waking moment at the stable, first working with school horses and cleaning tack in exchange for lessons, and later with my own horse.

Life as a photojournalist has taken me to many stables over the years. Although I always enjoy the horses, sounds and smells, none ever had the same impact.

When I went back a week later to actually photograph Woller and his horse Vinnie, that same barn that had transported me back in time the week before was still nice, warm, horse-scented and noisy.

But this time, it was just a barn.



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